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This website is dedicated to important ideas when they show up at the dinner table.

Imagination crackles and innovation pops when that happens. This results in tighter bonds between people.

Ant with bottle of cliquot 600 bw

That was a good day…

My name is Anthony Dina and I live in Austin, Texas.

Food, technology, design and really big thoughts inspire me.

Google will tell you about the day job working for a large company. The Goog will also reveal those many times in front of the microphone at product launches.

You may even find a video or two.

Helping customers turn technology into shareholder value, if you will.

What you won’t find is the passion for all things Italian, the internship at restaurants, or the addiction to running.

Like many others, I grew up in the kitchen. The only artist out of a family of engineers.

And now with a family of my own. Two amazing boys, a wife of aristocratic proportion and dogs who never met a stranger.

Join the adventure. Explore what it takes to master the culinary language to speak to world about important ideas.

This is part science, part art and part religion.  There are no rules. Only the open ocean of exploration.

2013 AFBA Member BadgeLike other disciplines, the artist of the kitchen must share their insights about life.

A story worth telling.

We experiment. We discover. We look at the turn of phrase or the turn of a spatula. We analyze what it means to say something wonderful. To taste something wonderful.


  1. Hello! Saw your comments on The Gourmand Traveller…noticed you were from Austin…..I am from Houston, but lived in Austin for 8 years before moving to Italy…..missing Texas….but your blog gives me a little piece of home

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