The upside of being upside down

Say what you want, but inversion poses are amazing. The human form defying gravity, head below heart. Sometimes the weight rests solely on the hands. Other times on the head. Regardless, the world is upside down for the yoga practitioner.

While it takes strength and poise, it truly requires a quite mind.

Yoga inversion pose. Photo courtesy of Eat. Sweat. Play. blog by Amanda Mossing

Yoga inversion pose. Photo courtesy of Eat. Sweat. Play. blog by Amanda Mossing

When the sky and earth trade places, the world appears as new. We see more objectively. We toss aside frivolous thoughts and witness that which threads the mundane and the sublime.

Chef-owner Jack Gilmore plays with inversions in his Kitchen. Whiskey cocktails strike poses in tumblers and highball glasses. Take for example the Buffalo Trace Bourbon Smash.

Drink menu from Jack Allen Kitchen

Drink menu from Jack Allen Kitchen

As the name implies, something is going to get a beating. Instead of the classic mint leaves and lemon in a classic whiskey smash, the bartender muddles orange. Rich bourbon with traces of vanilla and candied fruit lay on top. True to the nature of Buffalo Trace Bourbon.

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Smash

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Smash

Ginger liqueur upgrades the personality of simple syrup. A splash of soda provides effervescence. Like a feather boa draws attention to the curve of a showgirl.

Then the bite of the werewolf. Chinese bitters with it’s unmistakable star anise. This drink went from a moonlit stroll in the garden to a ninja playing with throwing stars.

Yes, the world stands on its head.  Flavors of stir-fry wrestle with porch-sitting, cigar-smoking Southern hospitality. Wow.

Chinese Buitters by A

Chinese Bitters by Austin’s own Bar Keep

To be clear, this does NOT advocate alcohol as a replacement for yoga. While artists throughout time argue the elevation of self through spirits, this author does not.

Instead, we submit to you an idea. That whether through heart-pumping exercise or quite moments with friends, the ordinary can become extraordinary. Hang the earth where the sky ought to be. Infuse the soul of an Asian cook into your American recipe.

Let your breath be taken away.

And now, the reverse-engineered recipe for the Buffalo Trace Bourbon Smash.

3 oz. Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey (or similar)
1 oz. Domain de Ginger Liqueur (or similar)
1 oz. simple syrup
1/2 section of orange, peel intact
splash club soda
2-3 dashes Bar Keep Chinese bitters

1. Muddle orange in the bottom of a low-ball glass
2. Add bourbon, ginger liqueur and simple syrup
3. Add Chinese bitters then top with crushed ice
4. Stir well
5. Top with splash of club soda and serve with a straw

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